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Dog Kennel For Small & Medium Dog Boarding

Not feeling comfortable leaving your smaller dog in the big boarding facility or any other large volume boarding kennel? Looking for professional dog grooming too?

You will feel safe when leaving your pup with us, for we specialize in small and medium dog boarding. We also provide professional dog grooming services regardless if you are boarding your dog at our kennel. All sizes welcome for grooming.

Simply give us a call at 705-424-9550 and book your boarding or grooming appointment.


Our Dog Boarding Kennel

Our in-home dog boarding set-up consists of eight custom-designed kennels. We have dedicated one of the rooms in our home to cater to small and medium-sized dog boarding. Your dogs will feel more relaxed while they are staying with us, for our dog kennels are part of our house. This is especially beneficial if your pup is a bit shy and would like to spend time in a house environment. Finally, with half-acre fully fenced yard to play, there is plenty of outdoor space for your dog to run all day! When fencing our property we have taken all the security measures including the puppy-proofing the fence at its base. We do regular inspections of our facilities to ensure maximum safety for all our guests. You are most welcome to take a free tour of our kennel.


Our Dog Boarding Services

With 35 years of experience caring for top winning dogs of all breeds, you can rest assured that our level of service will be nothing but exceptional. Your dog will be treated as one of our own in our small volume stress-free environment. We will never get too busy to cater to your dog’s needs and we will always be able to provide a personal touch to all of our guests. We take time to get to know your dog and give it all the cuddles it deserves. Apart from overnight boarding we also offer a variety of other services such as Professional Grooming, Dog walking, Exclusive One on One Playtime, Nail Trimming, etc. Check out our rates.

Dog Boarding For Small & Medium Breeds

As a result of over 35 years of experience caring for dogs, you can be completely worry-free when leaving your friend in our care. Please see our About Us page to learn more.

All members of the pack will feel comfortable when introduced to each other and they will get a chance to socialize with dogs close to their own size.

Furthermore, we have only eight dog kennels and that allows us to dedicate enough time to each and every one of our guest.

Our facility is brand new and dog kennels are located within our house.

Your dog will feel at home when staying with us, for our kennel room is located 10 feet away from our TV room. Living environment inside the kennel is the same as in our house.


We are located just 50 minutes north from Toronto, near Barrie and Alliston in beautiful Essa township. If you are taking HWY 400 get off the exit 85 Innisfil Beach Rd and head west. Once you get to Thornton follow signs for County Road 21/ Simcoe County Rd 21. You will be briefly taking County Rd 27 South- about 500 m. At the next traffic light turn right on the Robert St. After about 9.5 km of relaxing drive through the countryside, you will see our location on your left.

Dog Taxi Services

Pick-up and delivery service can be done for the South East Simcoe County, most of Peel, Pearson Airport area, and Vaughan. We do offer affordable rates for both overnight stays and shuttle pick-ups. All the taxi services have to be arranged in advance. Dogs will be transported in professionally set-up individual kennels. Van has tinted windows as well as heating/cooling for ultimate comfort. Feel free to give us a call at 705-424-9550 to book your ride or you can connect with us on Facebook.

dog taxi



Laura: Desi indeed loved his stay. He really misses his new besties, Colin and Andre. The best part was his amazing grooming!!!!! I can’t thank you enough.

We have custom-designed one of the rooms in our home to cater to small and medium-sized dog boarding. Your dogs will feel at home while they are staying with us, for our dog kennel is part of our house.


With eight individual boarding kennels, our facility is geared just right, since we practice small-volume, stress-free in-house dog care environment.

The fewer the pooches, the less growling there is, so stress levels are reduced to a minimum.

We don’t endorse cage-free environment, for mixing a bunch of strange dogs together can lead to dog injuries. The dynamic of the pack constantly changes as dogs arrive and leave on everyday basis. It’s hard to anticipate how all dogs will behave in their new setting. Sometimes some dogs just don’t like each other, and for that reason all dog socializing is  strictly supervised by one of our staff members. 

Overnight Stay Dog Boarding Prices

Single Dog in boarding kennel
35 CAD Per 24 hrs

Two dogs sharing same boarding kennel
50 CAD Per 24 hrs

Small and Medium Sized Breeds

We provide overnight dog boarding for small and medium-sized breeds, hence we will ensure that your dog can exercise and above all socialize with dogs close to their size. Furthermore, we provide dog walking and grooming services while your pet is staying with us. Our half-acre yard is fully fenced with a six-foot fence and completely puppy-proofed at its base. If your dog likes to endlessly run, they have a lot of space here to do just that. We welcome you to take the tour of our facility by appointment only.


French Bulldog Picture courtesy of Aristocrafts French Bulldogs kennel.

Small Kennel

We are centrally located in close vicinity to Barrie and Alliston, in the heart of Essa township. Toronto Airport is only 50 min drive from our facility, which makes our spot very convenient for drop-offs before your trip. Furthermore, your dog will not be going through the shock of acclimating to a big dog boarding facility set up. There are only 8 runs in our dog kennel and feeling of anxiety should be minimal for both the dog and the owner. We have extensive experience with small and medium-sized breeds. Once we even boarded 12 French Bulldogs of the same breeding kennel while their owners went to a wedding in Europe. You can rest assured that your dog will get maximum attention while staying with us. We can respond quickly to any of your pet’s needs for they will be sleeping 10 feet away from our living room.

dog exercise yard
Our Exercise Yard

Our spacious exercise yard is ideal in helping dogs maintain their well-being. There is plenty of room to run around, as there is almost half acre of fenced area. On top of that we have ensured safety by adding extra layer of protection next to the fence.

extra secure dog fence

Other Dog Boarding Services

Our kennels are meticulously cleaned with the latest in the dog industry products, that kill all known bacteria and viruses. Furthermore we have outstanding relationship with the local vet, should any emergency occur during your dog’s stay.

We can ensure the safety of your pet, with plenty of exercise while you are out of town.

Apart from overnight stay we offer variety of other services:

– single Dog in boarding kennel 35 CAD Per 24 hrs
– two dogs sharing same boarding kennel 50 CAD Per 24 hrs​
– dog walking service 15 min- 7 CAD
– exclusive playtime 30 min- 10 CAD
– medication administration – 7 CAD

DOG BOARDING: What Do We Require?

In order to accept your dog to our kennel we need proof that dog’s vaccination is up to date. This includes:
– distemper
– hepatitis
– Parvo virus and Parainfluenza virus
– Rabies vaccination and a Bordetella vaccination.
Consequently we reserve the right to refuse dog boarding to anyone who doesn’t provide proof of vaccination.

ready for the show ring

Dog Grooming Services

Dog grooming services are available upon request. All appointments have to be scheduled in advance as we do three to four appointments per day.

For more details about our dog grooming services please click HERE.


Dogs InVouge Story

In addition to our dog boarding business, I also breed Siberian Huskies, and I have been a member of Canadian Kennel Club as well as a member of The Canadian Professional Handlers Association for many years. Opening dog-hotel was my dream for a very long time.

It all started when I was 13 years old and I got my first dog; Siberian Husky. Even at that young age, I realized that dogs were my passion and soon I started working as a dog groomer in a local shop and I also started showing dogs. As a fifteen-year-old, I was already working for the top handlers in North America.


Colin Showing dogs as seventeen-year-old.

You Get The Professional When You Leave Your Dog In Our Care

After 35 years of traveling around the world and showing dogs on stages like Westminster Kennel Club, I decided to slow down and open my dog boarding kennel.

During my career as a professional dog handler, I have been showing dogs all over the world as well as working with many of the top breeders in Canada, showing their beautiful dogs. After 35 years in the dog show world, I decided to retire and open my small dog hotel. My main focus as a professional dog handler was on conditioning & care of the top winning show dogs. Quality care and comfort of the dogs is a very, very important thing for me.