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Dog Grooming in Barrie & Alliston

Dogs InVouge is top spot for dog grooming in Barrie and Alliston, offering many services to suit most dogs needs. Furthermore we offer dog boarding services as well.

Colin is highly experienced dog groomer near Barrie that has prepared dogs for show rings and has won more than 300 Best in Show during his career.

We are focused on animal well-being to deliver the best possible  quality service in a home stress-free environment.

Grooming is a very important part of being a dog owner. Grooming not only makes your dog look good, but it is also  an important part of keeping them healthy.

You can groom your dog with us even if you are not using our dog boarding services. in short, we welcome all sizes for grooming but we only board small and medium sized dogs. Feel free to call us at 705-424-9550 and book your grooming appointment. We are only short drive from Alliston and Barrie, located centrally in Essa township. 

ready for the show ring


We do limited number of grooming per week, and all appointments have to be scheduled in advance. 

Prices vary, depending on the size of the dog.

Please give us a call at 705-424-9550 to get a dog grooming quote. For instance:

Small Dogs: prices start from 50 CAD

Medium Dogs: prices start from 75 CAD 

– nail trim – 15 CAD

What is included in the price of grooming?

Price of grooming includes bath, blow-dry, nail trim and breed specific cut.

Depending on the condition of the coat, we will advise you the best possible option for the hairdo.

WHY Dog Grooming?

Dog grooming is about maintaining your dog’s appearance and physical health.

This is especially essential for long-haired dogs. They require thorough grooming sessions as compared to short-haired dogs. 

We recommend training your dog to endure grooming during the puppy stage. It is never too late to start grooming your pup, and a lot of dogs discover that they love grooming later in their lives.

But if you wait too long to begin the grooming sessions, your pup may not be agreeable to it later on, particularly when it comes to nail clipping.

Another good thing about dog grooming is that it allows us to check your dog for any skin abnormalities like dry patches, fleas, ticks,  or issues with their nails.

If found at an early stage, these conditions can be treated right away, before they pose any serious health issues.


We are located in between Alliston and Barrie on County Rd 21. Alliston is about 8 minutes South from us and Barrie is about 15 minutes North-East from our salon.  Please use Google Maps when looking for our location as some GPS devices can take you to the wrong spot. Our address is:

121 Murphy Rd, Essa, ON, L0M1B1

Also feel free to give us a call at 705-424-9550 if you need detailed directions.

FAQ about our location

1. Do you offer pick up and delivery for dog grooming clients?

At this point we don’t offer pick-up and delivery for dog grooming unless you are boarding your dog with us.

2. Is your van equipped for mobile grooming?

Unfortunately our van is not equipped for mobile grooming. You would need to drop off your dog at our location.

Send us an email at if you have any questions. Cheers.

Ozzie dog grooming
one of our regular clients



Peggy: For a first time puppy hair cut, puppy was treated excellent. Puppy haircut was exactly as the breed. Nails done, she smelled clean. Colin greeted us at the door and treated her as his own. Great value, felt puppy got treated special,

repeat client review

David: We have two golden retrievers that Colin has groomed on a regular basis for the past 8 or so years. I don’t believe that I am overstating things when I say that Colin is almost certainly the best groomer in this entire part of Ontario. Colin is profession and he does, quite simply, an awesome job!!! We live over an hour from Colin but we continue to bring our pups to him as they look amazing afterwards. Our dogs are our family and I absolutely trust Colin to care and look after them – which says everything. He is great!


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short hair breed


Double-Coated breeds like Siberian Huskies, Shiba-Inus or Ozzies have a double-layered coat. Bottom layer is made up of a soft undercoat and these breeds use it to regulate their body temperature. No matter how much they shed, we do not recommend shaving double coated dog. They will get more hot in the summer and more cold in the winter. Also shaving them can ruin their coat and put them at risk for heat stroke and sunburns. We do recommend regular brushing, especially during the shedding season.

We are specialized in grooming double-coated breeds as we have few huskies of our own. Bring your dog to us and we will guarantee your satisfaction. We recommend professional grooming service on double-coated breeds every two to three months.

long-hair breed


We recommend grooming any long hair breeds every four to eight weeks. Generally breeds with longer coat need more extensive grooming sessions. They also require regular brushing by their owners so the coats don’t get matted. In other words you would need to brush their long-hair dog four times a week, however that can vary depending on the coat type and coat length.

For regular brushing you can use a metal comb and a slicker brush. The more often one brushes their dog, the less mats and tangles will appear in the coat.  

You can always inspect your pet’s coat using the following method; if you can part the hair and see the skin of your dog, the coat is most likely not tangled.

A lot of people find brushing their dog a very relaxing ritual. Most of the dogs enjoy brushing too. This is a good exercise in preventing the mats from forming as well as making tighter bond with your pet.

short-hair breed


Short-haired breeds like Rottweilers, Chihuahuas or French Bulldogs need grooming as well, and they do require little bit more attention than bath and dry though. These particular breeds shed throughout the whole year and they require regular brushing too with the brush specially made for short hair breeds.

Short hair breeds can be bathed more often, as they are much easier to bath and dry than some of the long-coated friends. Of course we always have to stay on top of their ear hygiene as well as trimming their nails.

We love grooming short hair dogs and french bulldogs have a special place in our hearts.  🙂

dog grooming tips


When grooming a dog, we ensure that the whole coat is properly washed including the ears. Dog’s ears must be washed during the grooming process.

Dogs InVouge have been using Alexander’s Original dog shampoo for twenty years, as it produces the best results. 

dog blow-drying

Dog Blow-Drying

Drying a dog can be a challenging process, for a lot of dogs don’t like the sound of the blow-dryer. In conclusion, we make sure that we don’t leave any damp spots, since those can cause redness of the skin and skin irritation in general.

dog brushing

Dog Brushing

While the dog is still soaked and shampooed in the tub, we will take soft slicker brush and run it through the coat starting from the head. This action will help pull all the dead coat and ease the blow-drying process.