We have custom designed one of the rooms in our home to cater for small and medium dog boarding. Your dogs will feel at home while they are staying with us, for our doggie hotel is part of our house.

Our Doggie hotel

With eight individual boarding kennels our facility  is geared just right, since we emphasize small-volume, stress-free in-house dog care environment.

We provide overnight dog boarding for small and medium-sized breeds, hence we will ensure that your dog can exercise and above all socialize with dogs close to their own size. Furthermore, we provide dog walking and grooming services while your pet is staying with us. 

Our half acre yard is fully fenced with six-foot fence and completely puppy proofed at its base. If your dog likes to endlessly run, they have a lot of space here to do just that. We welcome you to take the tour of our facility by appointment only.